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TD-360 Mini-Fluorometer

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TD-360 Mini-Fluorometer

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An Overview

The TD-360 Mini-Fluorometer is an affordable, variable-wavelength filter fluorometer designed for quick, easy, and accurate fluorescence measurements. The multi-wavelength capability makes it appropriate for a wide variety of molecular biology applications.

Features of the TD-360

  • Flexible: Removable optical filter holder and user-changeable light source allow the quantitation of assays of differing wavelengths using a single instrument.

  • Sensitive: Accurately measure DNA down to 500 pg/mL using PicoGreen« and 5 ng/mL using Hoechst 33258.

  • Selective: Quantitate dsDNA in the presence of proteins, RNA, and nucleotides.

  • Low Volume Analysis: Measure as little as 100 pg of DNA using PicoGreen« and 1 ng using Hoechst 33258 in 3 ÁL of solution.

  • Stable: Reference path monitors light source and corrects for fluctuations due to aging or electronic drift.

  • Fast & Simple: Quick instrument warm-up time and an ergonomically designed sample chamber make analyses quick and easy.

User-changeable Light Sources and Filter Holders

Hoechst Graph
PicoGreen Graph

The Minicell Adapter Kit

The Minicell Adapter Kit and TD-360 Mini-Fluorometer combine to form a convenient, versatile, and reproducible measurement system using 75-250Ál.

The Helix Microcell

For applications where small volumes are a concern, The Helix Microcell allows the user to work with 3 to 9Ál of assay solution.

New!Spreadsheet Interface Software

Spreadsheet Interface Software for the TD-360 Turner Designs now offers Spreadsheet Interface Software for the TD-360 Mini-Fluorometer. This software allows the user to directly capture data from the fluorometer to an Excel spreadsheet. This feature saves time by eliminating the middle step of transferring data from an ASCII file to an Excel file, as well as removes the possibility of transcription errors.


  • Provides easier data handling.
  • Saves time.
  • Removes possibility of transcription errors.
  • Offers simple one time set-up.

Ordering Information

Part Number 3600-970

Information Available from Turner Designs
Product Specifications

Sensitivity: 500 pg/mL using PicoGreen« and 5 ng/mL using Hoechst 33258 in a standard square cuvette.

Optical Filter Holder: Accommodates one pair of 1/2" round optical filters in a removable holder.

Detector: Factory installed photodiode. Wavelength range: 300-1100 nm.

Light Source: Low-Pressure Mercury Vapor Lamp. Wavelength range 350-400 nm, peak 365 nm. Blue LED - peak wavelength 460 nm. Green LED - peak wavelength 525 nm.

Sample Compartment: Accepts 10 x 10 x 45 mm square cuvettes. Optional 75 to 250 Ál minicell and 3 to 9 Ál microcell adaptors.

Readout: Direct Concentration.

Calibration: Single-Point Calibration.

Blank: Reads and subtracts Blank.

Discrete Sample Averaging: Sample readings are averaged to improve accuracy.

Kinetics Software: Outputs once every second. User toggles feature on or off.

Data Output: 100% ASCII format through a 9-pin RS-232 serial cable at 9600 baud.

Operating Temperature: 60 - 95░F; 15 - 36░C.

Weight: 2.8 kg (6.1 lb.).

Dimensions: 15.2 cm W x 31.5 cm D x 9.9 cm H (6.0" W x 12.4" D x 3.9"H).

Power: 12 Volt External Power Supply, 100-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz, Max. 25 Watts.

Warranty: One-year warranty.

Approvals: CE

Printer: Optional Serial Printer.